Thursday, March 31, 2011

DIY...Decorating a Plain Lamp

I've been meaning to share this idea with you...
So I bought this plain white lamp @ Target awhile back, and I thought, there's so much I could do with this, it cost around $9ish if I recall, all I could remember is that it was on sale =)
I went to a place called Daiso and found this lace type sticker and decided to decorate the lamp with that, super cheap, it was only $1.50, if you check out my recent haul blog, you'll see a pic of it there, I decided to go with the sticker lace, because knowing me, I love to redecorate everything, I'm never satisfied with one design hehehe.
Anyhow, here's a picture of how it turned out, I looove it!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Collective Haul Time...

So, here's a haul on some things I picked up a few weeks to current. Enjoy!

 These Items were from a Japanese store, majority of the items are $1.98 

Used to keep your hair out of the way while washing your face or doing your makeup

I've been eyeing this thing every time I go this store, so I had to get it esp. when I saw it was on sale. I'm assuming it's to help form your bags and keep them put while blowdrying? I guess I'll have to find out =)


I will admit, I do have a pen fetish, I started out with one of these, & use it all the time, so when we went back, I had to stock up lol, call me weird but when I write, I need it to look nice & neat =) I love fine points to be exact, & these by far are my faves...
Pen/Pencil Case I keep in my purse

I've been loving the whole polk a dot theme, so I had to grab these folders, inside are the clear pages, I'm using these to organize wedding stuff...

Of course I had to pick up more nail gems. I looove these things, I could never have enough because it's  not only good for decorating your nails, but for other things you want to dress up 

Lace Border/sticker, I used this to decorate a plain lamp I have in my room @ my parents house

I went to Burlington Coat Factory with my mom to look for another luggage, so of course I had to stop by the accessory section while my mom was looking for some sandals, she actually picked up two pairs for $7.99 each not bad at all & they were super cute as well. Okay so, I ended up picking up more earrings, (like I don't have enough already lol) but I can't help it, I LOOOVE Accessories!

I also picked up a new wallet, I love collecting wallets for some reason, it's crazy but I'm never satisfied with just one LOL!

I was walking by this random beauty store at the mall, and the first thing they had that caught my eye was nail polish. In front they had the O.P.I collection, so I went in to see if they had the shatter nail polish thing, @ first I didn't see it, I walked around & viola right in front of my face near the front counter it was. I had to get it no matter how much it was, cause I've been looking for this for the longest. I actually thought I wouldn't find this anymore, so I was  calling our local Sally's to see if they had the China Glaze collection, and of course they didn't, but it's ok I finally got what I wanted =)

Ross: $9.99
Target: $19.99 original price on sale: $ 4.99

ForLove21: $6.99
              I forgot the name of the store I bought this purse from, but OMG! I swear I was in purse heaven lol. They had 2 walls dedicated to purses, handbags, you name it was there, all for reasonable prices. There were so many to pick from, but this one caught my eye for sure, gotta love the cheetah/leopard print.