Thursday, June 30, 2011

Random Haul'n....

Hi there!!
 So I haven't been bloggin' too much lately, haven't really been in the mood lol sorry. I've been shopping a little bit here and there, so I decided to share, since I haven't for awhile.

I've been wanting this Sonia Kashuk brush set for the longest, but didn't want to pay full price even though the full price isn't bad for what you get. I thought to myself I'll wait till it goes on clearance and sure enough when I went back, it was on sale, I was super excited because now I don't have to bring my roll of brushes when I travel, I could just throw all my brushes in this case and don't have to worry about my roll taking too much space lol.

 Sally's Beauty Store: I forgot how much this was, sorry

Oh my!!! I've been obsessed with "Stretchy" rings, I stopped by Forlove21 and bought these rings, they ranged from I think $4.80-$5.80 somewhere around there, but I love each and everyone of them.

 H&M: Floral clips always nice to wear to add some pop to your hair.

Forlove21: of course I always have to buy me some sunglasses =)

Forlove21: I'm a sucker for packaging so I had to get these lol.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Travel Diaries...

It's been awhile since I made a post, so I thought I'd post some pics from my phone when I was in Vegas, it's all random shots. =)
ENJOY! I think I'm having withdrawals again, looking at these pictures lol.