Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Shopping...(Gift Ideas)

So the hubby & I spent a day shopping around for gifts for the fam. We came across some good deals which is always a good thing especially for the holidays =) Here are a few things we picked up, maybe it can help you with picking out stuff for your loved ones.

Pencils: $1.97
Sketchbook: $8.97

Rising Sun Creations:
Books: $7.99 ea

reg. $20. sale: $12.99

Elvis Mug:$3.99

Sally's Beauty Supply:
China Glaze: Buy 2 get 1 free ea @ $5.99, but, if you have sally's beauty card it's $5.49 also, I just learned that if you have a military id, they offer additional off, (not sure if it works everywhere though, but never hurts to ask)

HK pj's: I forgot the store's name =/

Harry Potter Book: $27.99
Hello kitty trading cards: $2.99
Bed Bath & Beyond:
Ice Cream Scooper: $4.99
Rising Sun Creations:
Simpson Collectibles: $9.95
Toy's R Us:
Hello Kitty Lava Lamp: $14.99

CP trading cards: $9.99 ea
CP figures: reg. $6.99 sale: $5.24

Walmart: $19.99

Toy's R Us:
Cars: $13.99
Guitar: $19.99
Book: $12.99

Toys R Us: $9.99

Some supplies to make makeup brush holders
Pellots: $7.99
Organza Bags: 9.99
Bling: $2.99
Dollar Tree:
Glass Container's: $1.00

Ross: Activity Set: reg. $20.00 sale: $12.99

Toy R Us: reg. $7.99 sale: $6.39
Best Buy:
Mouse: reg. $29.99 sale:$16.01
Webcam: reg. $ 49.99 sale: $28.27
Software: $37.69

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