Friday, February 25, 2011

Target & Walmart Haul...

I had to find some stuff for the house, so I decided to hit my fave stores Target & Walmart =). I told myself to pick up things I really needed lol, but I always end up picking up some random things I don't need. Few things I picked up..

So, I've been using the neutrogena wipes to remove my makeup for the longest, I loove it and all, but I find myself going through so many packages in a week to a week in a half. I decided to be more practical and look for something that will last a little longer, so I did my research and found a lot of good reviews on CETAPHIL. I tried it out last night, and I must say I like it so far, it really made my face feel super clean and soft, it took off all my makeup in one wash, but I did it twice just to make sure. I have yet to try the moisturizer....

More jewels for decorating....

Gotta love the pink!!! Qtips for traveling, and hello kitty pouch with lip balm. I'm a sucker for hk so I had to get this =)

My all time favorite powder foundation, believe it or not this is the only thing I use on my face after applying my moisturizer. It has great coverage, and it's a lot cheaper than my Bare Minerals.

One of my all time faves, the infamous Burt's Bee's Lip Balm, I usually get the original formula, but I was walking around and found this one. Mango! I love anything and everything fruity. =)


  1. I like using baby wipe to remove makeup. They really work good. I prefer the huggies brand rather than the pampers brand. Huggies are a little bit thicker:)

  2. Thanks so much for the feedback, I swear trying to look for the perfect makeup remover can get overwhelming with all the products out there lol. I'll definitely try the baby wipes for sure!