Tuesday, April 26, 2011

~DIY~ Earring Holder...

Since I'm finally home in my REAL room at my parents other house, and I have nothing left since I packed everything when I moved in with the hubby, I needed something to organize my earrings, I went all over looking for a solution from TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshall's you name it, I saw a few cute stands to hold earrings, necklaces and so forth, I actually was holding on to some while shopping but I kept contemplating if I should really get it, they ranged from $9, to $14.99, believe me they were super cute, but I didn't want to buy something that I'm not going to take with me when I move back. So I went to the dollar store since I had to buy a few things there, & sure enough I found a solution that could create a earring holder. I was super stoked cause why pay more when you could make your very own for $2 and some change.
So here's my version, hope you like it!


  1. super cute! what did you use to put inside the frame?

    lovely earring btw (:

  2. Hey Clarissa!
    Thanks so much! I actually used the shelf liner which you could find in the kitchen area. Hope this helps & thanks again!