Monday, February 6, 2012

Finger Paints Special Effects

I went to Sally's and saw they had new items on display, so I had to get them! The first Sally's store I went to had one shade, so I thought that was it, but when i went to another Sally's, they had two other shades so of course I picked up what I could. Not sure how many shades they have in total, bug definitely worth getting. They are $4.99 each, not bad for what it is. I was able to get 2 bottles for $5 and some change because I signed up for a new membership again since I lost my old one, so they gave me a $5 off coupon towards my next purchase, so if you don't have a memebership definitely get one its worth only $5 for a year! Anyhow here are some pics of how they look like on random colors, I personally like them over black nail polish, but don't get me wrong they look nice on the other colors, but ob it's pops a lot more. So if you like how they look give them a try, go to Sally's before they discontinue.....

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